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At FABWedding in Rochester we take the stress out of managing your wedding. Whether you're looking for the essentials such as stationary, or activities like enjoying a flight in a hot air balloon, we've got you covered.


Which couple doesn´t want to capture those perfect moments and the happiness of their great wedding day?

FABWedding is offering you the service of wedding photography by Pedro Portela, who will capture the essence and happiness of the day. With a style of documentary photography, FABWedding and Pedro Portela want to ensure you have relaxed and spontaneous photos that portrays honest and meaningful moments.

We use black and white pictures to translate the poetic and authentic quality of your wedding, and colour visuals to enhance the surroundings and details. Make your wedding picture perfect!
Capture that moment forever


Check out FABWedding´s range of wedding invitations, breakfast menus, table markers, save the dates, and all the wedding stationery that you´ll need.

We offer a variety of wedding themes from rustic wedding, to all the seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn weddings). FABWedding works with special designers to get you the best yet affordable wedding stationery. 
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Wedding cakes

One of the main events of your wedding day will be when you get to cut your wedding cake in front of all your friends and family.

Explore our range of wedding cakes, from traditional to modern styles. We craft beautiful wedding cake designs inspired by your ideas, as a fully bespoke service.

Our beautiful, unique wedding cakes are elegantly handmade, making them the perfect centre piece for your special day!
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Hot air balloon hire

How about having an hot air balloon at your wedding?

Marry on one.

Have a photo shoot or make the basket your private photobooth.

There are endless ways and opportunities.
We guarantee it will take your wedding to a superior level!
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All your wedding services done right. By FABWedding
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